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CS 250 S4


Product Description

250 (10) mm (in.) | Subwoofer | 600 W | 4 Ohm

The new CS 250 s4 Cento subwoofer is the perfect enhancement to every sound system, to fully enjoy the authentic Hertz Sound Experience! 

The R & D team, always at the forefront in the search for innovative solutions, with unfailing effort, succeeded in obtaining very powerful bass frequencies from ultra-compact sealed enclosures, optimizing all the electroacoustic parameters according to the target set: high performance with boxes starting from 16 l. for the 25 cm (10 in.) CS 250 model.

The 4Ω single voice coil configuration offers maximum compatibility with any type of amplification and an enclosure that houses more than one subwoofer.

The reduced depth, the compact magnetic group and the lack of rear decompression hole allow the box to be shaped around the subwoofer obtaining a depth close to the one of a speaker for maximum freedom of installation on any type of car.

The special cooling system of the six-layer voice coil keeps the operating temperature within an optimal range even in case of extended listening sessions at high acoustic pressure.

An innovative system of dynamic fluid optimization and turbulence reduction, obtained thanks to the spider support acting as an air conduct towards the venting holes on the basket, drastically reduces the acoustic distortions generated by the air compression at high excursions.

The cone geometry, the suspension and the spider have been designed using FEM (Finite Element Method) simulations to obtain the best performance configuration that guarantees control and low distortions even at high mechanical excursions of the mobile group.

The terminal block uses solid push connectors that accept cables up to 8 AWG to offer low wiring resistance and maximum ease of connection even in installations with multiple subwoofers.

The subwoofer is also provided with an elegant high resistance ABS plastic gasket that allows the grille to be fixed to finish the installation.

The optional CG 250 grille in robust black metal mesh provide total protection for the subwoofer and an appealing look thanks to the Hertz diamond aluminium logo for better integration into the car.

With the Cento subwoofers even the younger enthusiasts will enjoy an exciting reproduction of low frequencies in the car!


Technical Specs
Size mm (in.) 250 (10)
Power Handling – Continuous W 300
Power Handling – Peak W 600
Impedance Ohm 4
No Filter Component SUBWOOFER
Voice Coil Ø 35 (1.38)
Magnet size D x d x h mm (in.) 120 x 45 x 34 (4.72 x 1.77 x 1.34)
Weight of one component kg (lb.) 3,795 (8.37)
Magnet High density flux ferrite
Cone Polyproyilene
Xmech mm (in.) 16,5 (0.65)
Electro-acoustic Specs
D mm 216
Xmax mm 12,5
Re Ohm 3,6
Fs Hz 30
Le mH 3,33
Vas I 34,5
Mms g 154
Cms mm/N 0,18
BL T*m 13,7
Qts 0,52
Qes 0,56
Qms 9,4
Spl dB 84

Physical Specs

A 270 mm 10.63 in.
B 231 mm 9.09 in.
C 132 mm 5.2 in.
D 115 mm 4.53 in.
E 260 mm 10.24 in.
F 28,3 mm 1.11 in.

Frequency response