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Mobile Audio Engineering

Sound That Drives Drives You

"Advanced in comprehensive Car Audio Technology. Custom fabrication, OEM manufacture & over 25 years experience in the industry, our technicians will taylor suit to your needs"

Vehicle audio and visual equipment. With a fully equipped van – a mobile service – we supply quality electronic products and professionally install. Enhancing your driving experience and securing your business has never been easier. For a professional and reliable service, text us for a quote today.

“Yes, I supply and install”(Mark)
Perth car audio specialists

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We’re Perth’s Car Audio Specialists, built on professionalism and quality service.

Car Sound System Installation

Vehicle Audio Installation

Car Stereo Systems

Car Radio Installation

Car Audio Installation

Automotive Stereo Installation

Automotive Audio Installation

UHF, VHF, HF, Handheld Radios

GPS Tracking


Whether it’s a car, truck, boat or caravan, travel in style and with confidence.


Sound tailored to your desire and the latest visual technology to match with a professionally installed product from quality brands. From speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers to touchscreen multimedia devices...


See everything you need to see when you need to see it. Lights, sensors, dash cameras and digital video recorders (DVR), UHF CB’s are just some of the safety features we can supply and install for you...

4WD Accessories

For farming, mining and exploration When travelling or camping out in the country you want to be able to communicate. Dual batteries and a means to communicate are paramount including UHF CB antennas, radios, vehicle lights and batteries! You can even hook up that fridge and freezer and more…

Boating Equipment

Audio and visual boating equipment are not the same gear for your land vehicles as it must withstand extreme conditions often exposed to a lot of sun and saltwater. We have the expertise to supply, install and maintain all your marine audio visual equipment so that you can be ready to set sail...

UHF and Antennas

Full range of supply and installation of CB related communications, accessories, coaxial cables, marine antennas and HF radios. We taylor make your LMR cables to order to your special site or mining site. When it comes to effective reception, 95% of the equation is choosing the correct antenna and location for a 10-15km range.

Are you unsure what a Car Audio Specialists/ Mobile Audio/Visual Engineer is?

Essentially a Mobile Engineer provides Audio and Entertainment for your vehicle, HF communication. At Mobile Audio Engineering, we are Car Audio Specialists, and can also supply and install all the necessary equipment. This ensures you’re getting a more efficient and effective overall service. The best way to tailor a solution to your specific needs is through a complete assessment, supply and installation process with listening to your needs, explain your options, then set you up with the best equipment.

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A Word From The Owner

Hi! I’m Mark Davey.

I am the owner of Mobile Audio Engineering.

My father started this business back in 1974 as Frank Car Radio and I have been working with him for as long as I can remember. Officially I have been in the industry for over 20 years. It has been my honour and privilege to take over the family business. While technology is ever changing, the heart of the business never will.

The Core of My Business

Mobile Audio Engineering is about much more than just selling products and putting some wires together. It’s about even more than providing a quality service within a reasonable budget. It’s a true family business. We are helping to keep our Perth community safe, on land, and at sea. Property, motor vehicles, boats, trucks, coaches, caravans. At the end of the day it’s the people we are really working to protect.

I’ll probably be busy working on a job, but I promise to get back to you as soon as I can.



Car Audio Specialists' FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

You can expect a wide range of services, including vehicle audio installation, car stereo systems setup, car radio installation, and comprehensive car audio Perth installation. 

Choosing the right system involves considering your vehicle’s specifications, audio quality preferences, and budget. A Perth car audio professional can help assess your needs, explain your options, and provide you with the best equipment. 

Yes, we are fully equipped with mobile services that supply quality electronic products and experienced installation at your convenience, enriching your driving experience without leaving your current location. 

We can improve your vehicle’s safety by installing lights, sensors, cameras, and digital video recorders. Perth car audio experts can supply and install these features to ensure you see everything you need when you need to. 

You can contact our car audio Perth experts for a quote to get started. They will guide you through the assessment process, help you choose the right products, and handle the professional installation.