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Celfi Repeater

It is a state-of-the-art cell phone signal repeater designed to significantly improve cellular coverage in both homes and offices. Unlike traditional signal boosters, the Celfi Repeater offers superior performance by receiving weak signals from nearby cellular towers and amplifying them to enhance their range and quality within your area. 

Our Standout Qualities

At Mobile Audio Engineering, we don’t just sell products – we provide solutions. Our Celfi Repeater, which includes the Celfi Pro and Celfi Duo models, is incredibly easy to install and requires no additional wiring or cables. To set it up, plug it into a power outlet, connect it to your home or office router via Ethernet, and you’re ready to go. It uses advanced technologies such as digital beamforming, multiband operation, diversity reception, and intelligent adaptive antenna selection to deliver improved performance and better coverage, even in challenging locations. 

Don't let poor signal strength hold you back!

Contact us today to enhance your cellular connectivity with the Celfi Repeater and stay connected, no matter where life takes you. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Celfi uses advanced technology to provide up to double the range of regular signal boosters, ensuring superior performance and connectivity. 

Yes, its advanced technology, including the Celfi Pro model, is designed to enhance performance and coverage, even in challenging locations. 

Absolutely, it’s designed to improve cellular coverage significantly in both settings. 

Contact us at Mobile Audio Engineering, and our team of experts will tailor a solution to meet your specific needs, ensuring your Celfi mobile experience is seamless and effective.