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Take up your vehicle’s entertainment system with our state-of-the-art car DVD player and 4 wheel drive TV. Designed for the modern adventurer and family alike, these systems turn your car into a mobile entertainment hub, offering endless hours of movies, shows, and more for passengers. Whether a car television for the backseat or a vehicle DVD player for the dashboard, we bring cinema-quality entertainment to your vehicle. 

Our Standout Qualities

Our car DVD player integrates seamlessly with your vehicle’s audio system, providing high-quality video playback on robust screens. The 4WD TV setup is perfect for off-road enthusiasts who don’t want to miss their favourite shows, even in the most remote locations. With options like a car TV 40, we ensure that size and clarity are never an issue, making every seat the best in the house. 

Ready to upgrade your vehicle with a car DVD player or 4WD TV?

Contact us at Mobile Engineering for expert advice and installation. Transform your vehicle into an entertainment oasis today! 


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, these systems are versatile and can be installed in any vehicle, from family cars to 4WD TVs. 

A 4WD TV is designed to withstand the rugged conditions of off-road adventures, ensuring durability and reliability no matter where you are. 

No, these systems come with user-friendly interfaces, making it easy for passengers to control playback and settings. 

Yes, most of our models support external media sources, allowing you to play content from USB drives, smartphones, and more.