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Trailer brakes


When it comes to safety we also do trailer brakes. This keeps you safe when you’re hauling an extra load over 1 ton. Neatly mounted controls for increasing and decreasing braking.

Trailer brakes are a piece of vital safety equipment for any vehicle hauling a trailer. Without the proper trailer brakes, one could find themselves in an incredibly dangerous situation on the road. This is why ensuring you have properly functioning trailer brakes before heading out is important. This will not only ensure that you’re safe, but it will also help preserve the life of your vehicle and its hitch components.

Trailer brakes are typically comprised of electric drums or disc brakes, although they are becoming increasingly popular due to their superior stopping power and shorter stopping distances. These drums or discs are connected directly to the trailer axles and stop the trailer by creating friction that slows down the axle’s rotation. An additional benefit of electric brake systems is that a separate braking system can control them mounted near the driver’s seat, allowing for more precise control when needed.

Are you unsure what a Mobile Audio/ Visual/ Security Engineer is?

Essentially a Mobile Engineer provides Audio and Entertainment for your vehicle, HF communication. At Mobile Audio & Security Engineering we can also supply and install all the necessary equipment. This ensures you’re getting a more efficient and effective overall service. The best way to tailor a solution to your specific needs is through a complete assessment, supply and installation process with listening to your needs, explain your options, then set you up with the best equipment.

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