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Inverters & Reducers


Investing in an inverter and reducer could be a great option for anyone looking for reliable and cost-effective solutions for their electrical needs. These devices provide better conversion rates with minimal losses and require little maintenance over time, saving time and money on long-term servicing costs. In addition, modern inverters come with advanced features such as overload protection which protect equipment from damage caused by excess currents or surges – giving users peace of mind when using them in their homes or businesses.

Moreover, Inverters transform current electricity into alternating current (AC) and alternating current power. This enables us to use AC power in our homes, businesses, and vehicles. An inverter can be used for various applications, including charging batteries, powering appliances, running tools, powering electronic devices, and providing emergency backup power during outages. By utilizing the latest technology, inverters can offer higher efficiency levels than ever, reducing losses associated with power transmission and improving energy savings.

While Reducers also play an important role in converting energy from one form to another. Unlike inverters that convert DC into AC power, reducers convert high-voltage AC power into a conveniently low-voltage DC source that most modern electronics can use. Doing so helps reduce the risk of short circuits or fires caused by excess voltage entering a device. Reducers can also be used as a part of an energy-efficient system.

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Essentially a Mobile Engineer provides Audio and Entertainment for your vehicle, HF communication. At Mobile Audio & Security Engineering we can also supply and install all the necessary equipment. This ensures you’re getting a more efficient and effective overall service. The best way to tailor a solution to your specific needs is through a complete assessment, supply and installation process with listening to your needs, explain your options, then set you up with the best equipment.

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