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DS 30.3

Product Description

300 (12) mm (in.) | Subwoofer | 1000 W | 4 Ohm | Dual Voice Coil

Hertz DS 30.3 car audio subwoofers box offers high efficiency and exceptional power handling. Equipped with a polypropylene membrane and butyl rubber surround, they provide high excursion with minimal distortion. An efficient cooling system ensures optimal heat dissipation, increasing their reliability.
The Dieci subwoofers are designed for use in compact sealed or reflex enclosures; thanks to an exclusive, carefully thought-out design, they can be used in any installation.


Technical Specs
Electro-acoustic Specs
D mm 258
Xmax mm 9
Re Ohm 3,3
Fs Hz 32
Le mH 2,2
Vas I 70
Mms g 133
Cms mm/N 0,18
BL T*m 11,2
Qts 0,62
Qes 0,71
Qms 5,14
Spl dB 91

Physical Specs

A 306 mm 12 in.
B 279 mm 11 in.
C 132 mm 5.2 in.
D 120 mm 4.7 in.

Frequency response